The Upper Division mathematics program provides a challenging college preparatory program for students at different stages of development, accommodating differing ability levels and interests. The GPS math curriculum has the breadth and depth to provide the mathematical tools for success in a changing society.

Our program is design to help students master:

  • good number sense and reasoning ability
  • the technological tools associated with mathematical thinking in varied, real-life situations
  • communication in the language of mathematics
  • creative problem solving
  • the ability to take risks and try alternative approaches when first attempts fail and persevere until a solution is found
  • working successfully in individual and group situations
  • appreciation of mathematical thinking as a part of a complete intellectual life

The GPS Mathematics program offers Algebra, Calculus, economics, and statistics elective courses. Placement tests are given to new GPS students to determine the courses that they are best prepared to take. All students must take a math course each year.