The GPS English curriculum helps students develop their writing ability and appreciation of good literature. Students examine major works, progressing through a series of reading and writing challenges that refine their analytical skills. Each course is designed to help students read works with a sharp eye for how authors bring human experience to life through distinctive portrayals of characters. Students respond to the literature they read in personal, imaginative, and analytical writings, as well as by honing their oral presentation skills through discussions, dramatic readings, and presentations. As they deepen their student of literary characters, students become more aware of the complexities inherent in becoming compassionate, responsible, and ethical human beings.

At every level, the English curriculum encourages and rewards critical thinking and clear expression. In addition, students learn and master basic concepts of grammar and rhetoric as well as how to apply them in their own writing. The English program focuses on empowering students to write effectively for a variety of purposes and with the distinctive confidence that comes from immersion in great works of literature.

All students must take an English course each year.