This curriculum guide is effective for the 2018-2019 school year at Genesis Preparatory School. Notification of any changes will be made immediately.


  • A student must be in attendance full time during the senior year
  • He or she must pass all required subjects
  • Below is a list of the minimum requirements needed for graduation. Many students will exceed the minimum number of credits needed during their course of study at GPS
Students must complete a minimum of 24 credits during their 9-12th grade years.* Dual enrollment coursework at area colleges is an option if the student maintains a 3.0 GPA, passes the College Placement Test (CPT), and receives a recommendation from the Head of School. Students may dual enroll only in courses not offered at GPS. Students must complete one online course for graduation.
In addition, students must complete 150 REQUIRED Community Service Hours for graduation.

*Although a student may take a high school level course and earn a credit during middle division curriculum, that credit is not counted toward the 24 required credits during high school. Such courses are offered to students during middle school in order to advance a student’s learning progress, not as a way to complete high school credits early.


A personal commitment to volunteer work is strongly recommended. Many colleges, honor societies, and scholarships also require community service. GPS requires that no fewer than 150 hours be performed during the high school years. We suggest that students in grades 9 through 11 perform 40 hours each year and that seniors perform 30 hours during their 12th grade year. The student is responsible for completing these hours. Forms are available from the College Guidance Counselor or Principal.

English 4
Mathematics 4
Science 3
History 3
Foreign Language 2
Fine Arts 2
Physical Education 1
Health/Life Management 1
Electives 4


Genesis Prep offers a wide selection of college preparatory courses to upper division students. The curriculum during grades 9 and 10 is designed to ensure a smooth transition from middle school to high school study, grounding students in the academic and social skills necessary for a successful high school experience.  The student’s intellectual and social development is the focus of GPS.  An interdisciplinary, inquiry-based approach serves as the core of our curriculum.  A central focus of the grade 9 and 10 program is participation in community service activities, which are a part of every student’s freshman and sophomore year experience.

In grades 11 and 12, students may choose from GPS elective courses, Honors and AP courses to complete graduation requirements.  Students also have the option of Dual Enrollment. A student must receive approval from the Head of School/Principal in order to partake in Dual Enrollment. Not all courses are offered every year. The decision to offer a course is made by the administration and is determined, in part, by student interest and enrollment. Careful choices during course selection should eliminate the need for schedule changes. Students are required to consult with the College Counselor to ensure that the courses being selected are appropriate and fulfill their needed requirements for graduation.


Grades are a professional evaluation by the teacher and allow for all facets of a student’s work to be included: tests, quizzes, homework assignments, semester exams, class participation, effort, and attitude. As a result, a grade may not necessarily reflect a strict average of quiz, test, exam, and assignment grades, but rather a combination of all above factors. Report cards are issued quarterly. The grading scale for each grade is as follows:

Please note that there is a 25-point reduction in the grade each day for assignments that are turned in late. late assignments will not be accepted after the fourth day. Students that have an excused absence must turn in a note from a doctor or a parent to the school office.

Letter Grade Percentage Range
A+ 100-97
A 96-93
A- 92-90
B+ 89-87
B 86-83
B- 82-80
C+ 79-77
C 76-73
C- 72-70
D+ 69
D 68-66
D- 65
F 64 and below


Honors coursework earns an additional 0.5 to the final course grade. Advanced Placement (AP coursework) earns an additional 1.0 to the final course grade. College coursework earns an additional 1.0 to the final course grade.


Honor Roll privileges at GPS are based upon the student achieving ALL As to be named to the A Honor Roll or As and Bs to named to the A/B Honor Roll. Honor Roll Certificates are given at the end of each quarter.


New students will be tested at the end of the school year and placed in the appropriate classes for the new school year. Existing students will be evaluated by the teacher and Head of School for placement for the new school year. Honors classes follow a rigorous curriculum to prepare students for AP coursework. Stuents must maintain  a B average or higher. If a student falls below a C+ average on their quarter grade, the teacher and advisor may recommend that a student be moved out of an Honors class.


The Advanced Placement Program is administered by The College Board, a national non-profit membership association. GPS is a member school offering AP courses. Courses are taught by GPS faculty and are comparable to first-year college courses. At the conclusion of an AP course, students must take the corresponding AP Exam to receive full AA college credit. AP Exams are three-hour multiple choice and essay question exams given in May. Exams are graded on a scale of 1 to 5, with 3, 4, or 5 considered a “qualifying” score. The exam fees are collected second semester of the school year.

The College Board cites these benefits to Advanced Placement Courses:

  • Students have the opportunity to study a subject in-depth at the college level, so they will be more prepared for college-level work.
  • Students receiving a qualifying grade on an AP Exam may be eligible for advanced placement or course credits at the vast majority of colleges and universities in the United States. Acceptance of the college course credit depends on the policies of the particular college or university where the student enrolls, but are often accepted by accredited institutions.
  • The AP Porgram offers a number of awards to students for outstanding performance on AP Exams. This achievement is noted on the AP transcript and recognized by colleges.

AP courses are open to those students who meet the requirements specified for each course. All students taking an AP course at GP must sit for the exam or take a final. AP courses that have been offered previous at GPS include AP English Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition, AP Calculus, AP US History, AP Biology, and AP Chemistry.


Dual enrollment courses are opportunities for high school students to earn college or technical credit with institutions that GPS has agreements with. Dual enrollment students are enrolled in both high school courses at GPS and college credit courses, taught at an institution of higher learning, which all count toward high school graduation.


Genesis Preparatory School requires students to take the following entrance examinations so that they are well-prepared for scholarship and college entrance opportunities.

Grades 9 and 10: PSAT in October

Grade 11: PSAT/NMSQT in October, SAT in January & ACT after January

Grade 12: As needed to improve scores


The Bright Futures Scholarship Program is the umbrella program for state-funded scholarships based on academic achievement in high school. The GPS college advisor or Principal will assist students with the application process.

Each of the two scholarship awards has specific criteria that must be met. However, to be eligible for an initial award from either of the two scholarships under the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship program, a student must:

  • meet Florida residence requirements
  • earn a standard high school diploma or its equivalent from a public or private high school or complete a home education program
  • be accepted by, and enrolled in, an eligible Florida public or independent post-secondary education institution
  • be enrolled for at least six (6) semester hours or the equivalent
  • not have been found guilt of or pled nolo contendere to a felony charge
  • apply for a scholarship during the last semester before high school graduation
  • have a Florida Financial Aid application on file in Tallahassee

The Florida Academic Scholars Award

Year Graduated Test Scores GPA Service Hours Credits
FAS 2018-2019 1290 SAT/29 ACT 3.5 100 Courses must include 16 credits of college preparatory academic courses, including:

4 English (3 with substantial writing)

4 Mathematics (Algebra I level and above)

3 Natural Science (2 with substantial lab)

3 Social Science

2 Foreign Language (sequential, same language)

The Florida Medallion Scholars Award

Year Graduated Test Scores GPA Service Hours Credits
FMS 2018-2019 1170 SAT/26 ACT 3.0 75 Courses must include 16 credits of college preparatory academic courses, including:

4 English (3 with substantial writing)

4 Mathematics (Algebra I level and above)

3 Natural Science (2 with substantial lab)

3 Social Science

2 Foreign Language (sequential, same language)