Parental involvement is an essential ingredient at Genesis Prep. All parents are members of the Parent support group, which exists to enhance the quality of activities on campus and to nurture a sense of community and support among GPS families.


Current grades, assignments, upcoming assignments, attendance, lesson plans, teaching announcements, teacher class pages, and conduct are available online to our GPS families on Gradelink. Grade monitoring can also generate an email notification to parents automatically. Please make sure we have your current email address and login information from the office will be provided.

The video to the right will walk you through setting up an account and monitoring your child’s progress in his or her classes.


Each family is expected to volunteer twenty hours per school year. A multitude of opportunities to volunteer in a variety of ways involving projects that benefit the students and the school. Such opportunities might include:

  • activities like working the concession stand during activities
  • taking care of ticket sales during sporting events
  • serving as a field trip chaperone
  • building the GPS float for parades that we participate in
  • helping with school and classroom cleanup
  • holding social activities for students at the class and school level

We encourage and welcome input and participation from parents about volunteering opportunities. Information about the Parent Group and the volunteer obligation will be sent home at the beginning of the year, and parents should carefully read this information and respond promptly. Of course, we understand that not every family will choose to volunteer their time. In that case, we offer an alternative of billing each family $10 per hour, for a total fee of $200.


Genesis Preparatory School has a very clear, strict dress code. The key component of our dress code is our Genesis polo shirt, which both girls and boys wear. We have contracted with Ideal School Apparel to provide our branded polos, which you can purchase online and have delivered, for free, to Genesis Prep.

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In the event of inclement weather, Genesis Schools as a whole generally follow the Pasco County Schools closing schedule. Because we may have different re-opening dates because of the state of our school, please tune into a reputable news source and follow Genesis Prep on social media.

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