Welcome to the Middle School Division of Genesis Preparatory School. Middle school represents two important transitions. First, students move from the elementary school environment to the middle school, where expectations and the way classes work change. Students transition from the single class and teacher classroom to the middle division approach, where they have more than one teacher and travel to different classrooms for instruction.

These students have been provided a strong foundation of coursework throughout their elementary school years. and in middle school that foundation allows them to begin to reach their academic potential. This time can be challenging and exciting and even a little bit disorienting, and our program and supportive environment allows them to make that transition easier.

The second transition occurs throughout the three years of middle school. The emphasis shifts to preparing students for success in their Upper Division classes and, later, in college. The Genesis Preparatory School focuses on four areas of student development: emotional, social, intellectual, and character education. At Genesis Prep, we understand that each of our middle division students has unique needs, and we are committed to helping them navigate challenging situations while helping them strive for excellence.  During this time, GPS focuses on helping students think “outside the box” and develop a more abstract thought process as a part of their college preparatory education. We encourage them to look for ways to improve, develop, and continue to create a foundation of hard work and a love of learning.

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