When Does the Official College Search Begin?

The official college search process starts at the beginning of second semester in junior year. After that, you will have individual college counseling sessions. However, as with the college visits, take advantage of every opportunity [...]

When Should I Visit Colleges?

The traditional times for visiting colleges are spring and summer of junior year and fall of senior year. At those times, armed with college lists and with a growing sense of who you are and [...]

What is a Selective College?

A selective college is one that does not accept all applicants. To choose students, a selective college may use a mathematical formula consisting of grades, course selection, and standardized test scores or it may consider [...]

How Do Colleges Use Standardized Testing?

Standardized tests are rarely the deciding factor in an admissions decision, but the scores offer one of the few ways that colleges can evaluate students across the country. Standardized test scores form part of the [...]

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