Genesis Preparatory School students are comprised of both local and international students with a wide variety of talents and skills. We consider all applicants equally, regardless of race, gender, creed, and national or ethnic origin.

Students are accepted for admission to Genesis Prep based on their academic performance, test scores, teacher recommendations, and personal interviews. Prospective students must show the ability and motivation to succeed in a challenging academic program. Genesis Prep applicants will be required to take placement tests and write a personal essay so that GPS can effectively assess each applicant’s potential for success at Genesis Prep. These exams not only measure academic ability and knowledge, but also predict individual needs. We use these assessment tools, along with transcripts and letters of recommendation, to select courses for incoming students.

The mission of Genesis Preparatory School is to provide an excellent, rigorous academic college preparatory program within a supportive students. Our purpose is to prepare students to live constructive, productive lives within a multicultural and economically diverse society.

I would like to write about the outstanding education my two daughters received at Genesis. Kim (Class of 2001) and Kris (Class of 2005) were blessed to have had the amazing opportunity to experience 13 years at Genesis Schools. Kim and Kris both attended business school and received bachelor’s degrees before they went on to earn their law degrees. They both will tell you that the key to academic success was the foundation that Genesis gave them. 


Our children have attended Genesis School for many years, and they are now at Genesis Prep. We are a Genesis family. Both boys have done very well and we know they will benefit in the future because of their strong educational foundation.

THE KALUA FAMILY, Genesis Elementary & Genesis Prep

When I moved back to the New Port Richey area, I knew there was no other place I’d want to send my son for school other than Genesis. Having been a student there myself (over 20 years ago!), I knew the quality of education he would receive be top notch. I couldn’t be happier now that Jonathan is a student at Genesis. The teachers, staff, parent group and environment are everything he needs to thrive. I am thrilled at the amount of parental involvement and communication between the teachers, administration, staff, and myself. 

THE SHOGEN FAMILY, Genesis Elementary & Genesis Prep

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